How To Convince People To Buy

Summary of Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion Authored by Robert Cialdini

How To Convince People To Buy

Influence is a book about six psychological forces that are linked to persuading people to purchase from you, say “yes” to your proposition, agreeing with you, etc.

1) Reciprocation – If you give someone something; a gift, a favor, advice that leads to a positive impact, so on and so forth, naturally that person will feel indebted to you. It’s human nature.

Think about the last time a friend or family member gave you a gift for your birthday. When their birthday comes up, what do you feel obligated to do?

2) Consistency – People are habitual and they often try to stay consistent with what they say and/or do.

If you label a person as a hard worker, that person will strive to stay a hard worker and keep that label consistent to their character trait.

Knowing this, you can market products to a target market of hard working people by labeling it “For hardworking people who like to get their hands dirty…”, or something like that. That phrase will resonate with people who think of themselves as hard working increase the probabilities of buying the product.

3) Social Proof – Most people follow the herd. If the majority population uses a product, or accepts an idea, etc.,

If the majority population uses a product or accepts an idea, etc., you will likely too.

Get your product or idea accepted by the masses and it’ll be easier for a consumer to accept it as well.

4) Liking – We like to transact with people we like.

Get on the good side of your prospect, resonate with him/her, and show that you like the same things as they do. Get them to like you and they’ll be more opted to purchase from you.

When was the last time you purchased a product or service from someone you didn’t like?

5) Authority – We are nurtured from birth to obey authority i.e. parents, adults, teachers, doctors, officers, and disobeying is wrong. That trait sticks with us subconsciously.

We are more likely to purchase from someone who is, or at least seems like, an authority of that particular market or profession.

Become an authority in your niche/industry and you will increase the probability of people purchasing from you.

6) Scarcity – People are motivated to obtain and/or preserve things that are scarce, or at least seems scarce.

“Limited time only”. “Only 100 left”. “We only have a limited budget”. etc. These types of statements and mindsets set a tone of scarcity and people will tend to value them more.

Make your product seem scarce or your service exclusive, and people will value it more urging them to purchase it soon before it goes away.

That’s the 6 forces psychological forces that influence people to buy. If you still need to read the book, you can get if here:

Summary of Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion Authored by Robert Cialdini

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