How To Convince People To Buy

Summary of Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion Authored by Robert Cialdini

How To Convince People To Buy

Influence is a book about six psychological forces that are linked to persuading people to purchase from you, say “yes” to your proposition, agreeing with you, etc.

1) Reciprocation¬†– If you give someone something; a gift, a favor, advice that leads to a positive impact, so on and so forth, naturally that person will feel indebted to you. It’s human nature.

Think about the last time a friend or family member gave you a gift for your birthday. When their birthday comes up, what do you feel obligated to do?

2) Consistency¬†– People are habitual and they often try to stay consistent with what they say and/or do. Continue reading “How To Convince People To Buy”