Obstacles Are Opportunities

Obstacles Are Opportunities

Summary of The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday

“If a tree is in the way, go around it.”

The Obstacle Is The Way’s base idea is off of the Stoicism philosophy. Which is: Obstacles are opportunities.

The premise of the philosophy states that we don’t control what happens to us, but we do control how we respond, and ultimately that influences the outcome.

Basically, this book is about not trying to change circumstances that you can’t change. Instead, accept the circumstance, take control of what you are able to control, take action to control it, and turn that circumstance in your favor.

You can do this by implementing these three disciplines of how you approach obstacles: Continue reading “Obstacles Are Opportunities”

How To Be An Effective Person

How To Be An Effective Person

Summary of The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People is a book about mindsets of how to be a better contributor and increase your production.

Habit #1: Be Proactive

Focus on things that you can control and control them to turn circumstances in your favor. Accept things that you don’t like and change it by changing the things that you are able to change.

Don’t focus on things that you can’t control. The types of people that do are “complainers”. They always are complaining about anything and everything, not taking the action to do anything about it.

Don’t be a “complainer”, be proactive.

Habit #2: Begin With The End In Mind Continue reading “How To Be An Effective Person”

How To Convince People To Buy

Summary of Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion Authored by Robert Cialdini

How To Convince People To Buy

Influence is a book about six psychological forces that are linked to persuading people to purchase from you, say “yes” to your proposition, agreeing with you, etc.

1) Reciprocation – If you give someone something; a gift, a favor, advice that leads to a positive impact, so on and so forth, naturally that person will feel indebted to you. It’s human nature.

Think about the last time a friend or family member gave you a gift for your birthday. When their birthday comes up, what do you feel obligated to do?

2) Consistency – People are habitual and they often try to stay consistent with what they say and/or do. Continue reading “How To Convince People To Buy”

The Most Hypocritical Book

Summary of Essentialism Authored by Greg McKeown

Essentialism Book Summary

Essentialism, authored by Greg Mckeown, is a book about focusing on doing the most essential things that has the most impact in your life, business, task, etc.

Being that the book is 272 pages long to grasp this concept, obviously this book is hypocritical.

Other than saying:

Focus on doing less things but do them better

Focus on 20% of the things that makes for 80% of your results, (which is Pareto’s 80/20 Principle)

Stop wasting time

What more is needed to say about essentialism?

Welcome, this is “essentialism” book summaries!

That is all…